Best Practices Bus Embarkation/Travel/Debarkation

COVID 19 has created a need for extra diligence when traveling in groups by bus.

Here are the current best practices as we understand them, we require all coordinators, guests, and bus captains to abide by them for any trip.


FOR BUS CAPTAINS  Download/Print Copy Here

  1. Bus Captain (BC) ensures vehicle sanitization protocols have been followed prior to arrival.
  2. BC arrives at pickup point and:
    1. Keeps door closed until ready to disembark.
    2. Puts masks and thermometer in open and accessible location.
    3. Retrieves any boarding instructions.
  3. BC opens door, exits bus makes contact with Coordinator (CO) from a distance of at least 6 feet.
  4. BC describes where coordinator can locate masks and thermometer.
  5. BC reviews loading procedures with CO.
  6. BC opens one luggage bay and secures it until all bags have been loaded.
  7. BC repeats until all luggage is loaded.
  8. After all Luggage and passengers are loaded BC secures area, enters bus, and departs.
  9. The same procedure in exact reverse is used at all stops and disembarkations.


  1. Coordinator (CO) meets Bus Captain (BC) and reviews load procedures and itinerary from a distance of at least 6 feet.
  2. Coordinator is responsible for any temperature checks either at their facility or at the bus before boarding. Thermal thermometers are provided as a courtesy if needed.
  3. Coordinator will have all guests handle and load their own baggage in the luggage bay at the direction of the BC filling one bay at a time.
  4. Coordinator will brief and ensure Guests follow mitigation procedures throughout trip duration.

FOR GUESTS   Current CDC Guidelines

  1. After loading their luggage and when cleared by the Coordinator (CO), G will load the bus one at a time from the front door until seated at the rearmost available seat. G will make a note of the seat number as this will be the only seat they use throughout the trip no matter how many days the trip lasts.
  2. Guests will remain seated apart from bathroom breaks throughout the trip. It is important to minimize the walking by of other G’s when in an enclosed space.
  3. The same procedure in exact reverse is used at all stops and disembarkations.
  4. Luggage will be retrieved by the G’s from the currently open luggage bay overseen by the Bus Captain.